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        Holding subsidiary Qiqihar Heavy CNC "homogeneity" brand was recognized as China Well-known Trademark

        Date:Aug 30,2013

        Corporation on the list , the " homogeneity " brand was recognized as China Famous Brand . At this point, " Sarkozy a " brand become the country's machine tool industry set "Famous Chinese Trademark ", " Chinese famous brand ", " China 's most competitive brand " three top honors in a brand. Named " Famous Chinese Trademark " is a re- alignment of the corporate brand and the overall strength of CNC comprehensive test. For enterprises, high "Famous Chinese Trademark " gold content , products and services needed to provide businesses with a high market reputation, widely recognized clients. "Let a " well-known brands as the machine tool industry , has always insisted lean manufacturing , enterprise development model of win, to further promote quality engineering and fine management , and strive to do fine and stronger enterprise . In recent years, Qiqihar Heavy CNC in a company-wide implementation of sophisticated management and 6S management. A comprehensive and meticulous management processes from all levels of management , production organization , site management, product quality, sales systems. Meanwhile Qiqihar Heavy CNC technology innovation through continuous improvement , " Sarkozy a " technical value of the brand , corporate R & D 25 average annual rate of new products , the introduction of a series of national key projects in urgent need of high-end products and industry products, the product chain from ordinary Liwo , deep hole boring machine series , wind power machine tool series to the system tooth series , roll lathes, roll grinders series , milling and boring series , covering aerospace, transportation, energy , shipbuilding and other key industries , Qiqihar Heavy CNC in accelerating the transition to achieve rapid development. 2011 China National Machinery and 500 ranking of the top heavy Qiqihar Heavy CNC machine tool industry is located , to become China's machine tool industry pacesetter companies. " Homogeneity " brand was recognized as " Famous Chinese Trademark" means not only the uniqueness of " homogeneity " of the brand, the brand is a symbol of strength, reflect the value of Qiqihar Heavy CNC rapid development will add a new impetus. Chinese well-known trademarks to enhance the economic benefits , value of intangible assets, legal protection and expansion of efforts to increase government support will gradually emerge , companies will rely on better service and product quality , improve customer for the enterprise recognition and visibility , enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

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